Assessments are the cornerstone of all successful ABA interventions. At ABA Behavior Solutions we understand that through comprehensive assessment, the goals selected are directly targeted to the individual’s current needs and the teaching strategies designed are better correlated to the individual’s learning style. Without this type of thorough assessment, intervention hours are likely to be ineffective. The staff at ABA Behavior Solutions devote the time and care necessary to the assessment process to hit the ground running with truly individualized programs.

Initial Assessment
Each client benefits from an initial assessment prior to the onset of ABA services. Through administration of ABA assessment tools, carefully constructed interview with family/client and direct observation of the client in their natural environment key areas of significant and developmentally appropriate needs are identified as the starting goals for interventions. BCBAs working at ABA Behavior Solutions are highly skilled at assisting parents, clients, and teachers, to identify the foundational skills that are currently needed for the client to participate fully in a productive, independent, and meaningful life. In this way, consistent with the philosophy of Applied Behavior Analysis, every client’s goals and treatment are highly individualized to provide an immediate impact in daily life. As the client develops skills allowing access new life experiences, new areas in need of intervention frequently arise. As this occurs, updated assessments are conducted to ensure treatment continues to be dynamic and consistently grounded in the idiosyncratic needs of each client and family.

At times individuals require an assessment to help guide other services. We provide assessments in a variety of areas for clients who will continue their services in school, home, or community. Assessment information adds another dimension to current programming. The types of assessments required for each individual will vary based on the current needs of the individual and the persons requesting the services. The assessment process concludes with a written report and recommendations for incorporating the results into daily life. Consultation services through ABA Behavior Solutions can be accessed to provide training and guide families in the initial implementation of the assessment.

Examples of Assessments

  • Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Functional Living Skills Assessments
  • Social Skills Assessment

Community Support

A critical piece of a happy life is being an active participant in one’s community! ABA Behavior Solutions understands the unique needs of our clients in this area. We work closely with the client and family to develop a plan to address the individual needs of each client to increase independence and inclusion in the community.

Each client receiving home based ABA services with us will have specific goals related to community access.

In addition, we provide direct ABA support and behavioral consultation to help client’s participate in activities in their community. Some of our families have used these services to support student’s attendance at private pre-schools/daycare settings, to support attendance at community clubs/activities, to assist with social interactions at prom, to facilitate play dates and parties.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you and your child is more successful in the community!

Specialty Social Groups

In everyone’s life there are social activities that we must attend even when we feel we are not prepared. This frequently happens to the people we support. They have to attend a friend’s birthday party, the prom, family holidays, weddings, whether they feel ready or not. ABA Behavior Solutions offers specialty social groups to teach the key behaviors needed to be comfortable and successful in these specific social situations. Please contact us with your specific social event and we will try to create a group to support you.

Getting Ready for School Social Group
ABA Behavior Solutions offers a school preparation program specifically designed for children entering preschool and Kindergarten or students in half-day school programs who need more time to focus on the behavioral and social aspects of school. This group meets several days per week, in a classroom-like environment. Each day, children practice many foundational skills including: following instructions in a group, transitioning from one activity to the next, completing daily routines, working independently, and social skills. This program will help your child gain the skills necessary to start their school career!

Toddler Social Play Group
Toddlers attend group several times per week to develop their love of play, social communication, and cooperation with friends. Many toddlers develop these skills naturally through daily life, but some need additional help to develop these critical life skills. These groups are well suited for toddlers who need supported environment to meet and play with friends.

All social skills groups at ABA Behavior Solutions utilize research based instructional procedures to teach skills. Each child has specific goals the clinician focuses on during each group. Data is collected daily and utilized to adjust the teaching procedures as needed. Children enjoy playing and learning in group! Families enjoy the knowledge that each moment of group is arranged to be a teachable moment!

School Consultation Services

ABA Behavior Solutions staff work collaboratively with schools to support individual students, specific classrooms, and entire school districts. ABA Behavior Solutions and school personnel discuss the current needs and design a plan to address critical behavioral, social, and educational. Consultation services can take on a variety of forms. The services are individualized to optimally address the needs of the school system.

Consultation Services may include:

  • Direct Individualized ABA services for specific students
  • Support of students in private schools to foster participation in the life of the school
  • Behavioral Plan Development for individuals or classrooms
  • Creation of School Based Social Skills Groups
  • Consultation to increase inclusion
  • Consultation with classroom teachers
  • Design of ABA classrooms
  • Consultation and Coaching for ABA staff

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Home Based ABA Services

ABA Behavior Solutions partners closely with families and other members of the client’s team to provide high quality ABA services in the family’s home. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) conducts an initial assessment. The assessment includes: parent interview, direct observation, testing, and review of previous assessments or documents. The BCBA uses this information to develop an individualized ABA program for the client and family. The goal areas selected for treatment will be developed in conjunction with the family to ensure the client is learning the skills that are a priority for the family and lead to increased independence for the client. The goals are consistently reviewed to ensure progress is being made. Goals are flexible and can be adapted quickly to address the current needs of the client and family. All interventions are based on research and are consistent with best ABA practice. A behavior therapist assigned to the client works directly with the client to implement the interventions under the BCBA’s supervision. Some benefits of in-home service are: a high level of parent training and parent involvement, the opportunity for the child to learn within their own home leading to generalization of skills, and the flexibility of services provided when and where the client need them most, whether it be in the mornings, after school, or bedtime.

ABA Behavior Solutions provides home based ABA services to clients of all ages, infants through adulthood. We provide early intensive behavioral intervention for young children (infants, toddlers and preschoolers) prior to the child’s entrance into a school setting.

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